Valentine's Day during Covid!

Times have been, well I don't need to tell you how they've been, we are all in this together!... What I do want to share with you, is how special you can make someone feel when you remember them with a little note or gift. It does not have to be anything extravagant, the fact that you took the time to think of them and send something their way can lift someone's spirits tremendously! Especially, if that someone is very isolated, alone or doesn't expect anything from you!

In keeping with the Boutique Beau Joyau mission: "to provide women with the experience, products and service that boosts, supports and emboldens women in their daily life". It is our sincere pleasure to help you choose the perfect gift for your recipient or quite frankly, yourself! (You also deserve to pamper yourself during these times). We will locally deliver gifts, at no charge (our Valentine's Day treat to you!), or ship your gifts as you desire. Each gift or package is always finished in our signature gift presentation at no extra charge!

Let's show each other we care, come together by reaching across the necessary Covid barriers with delivered or sent little packages of joy; and celebrate family relationships, friendships and just because people who touch us in our lives!

Wishing you all a very warm heart-felt, healthy and Happy Valentine's Day!!!


                                                                                                             Pam x/o