About Us & Our Products

"Beau Joyau" began in Omaha, Nebraska as "Select Polish Pottery" in August of 2002, specializing in handmade Polish stoneware imported from Boleslawiec, Poland. In 2005 we began to also offer women's accessories and our showroom was changed to "Beau Joyau" meaning "beautiful stone". Today, “Beau Joyau” specializes in life style accessories specifically “Women's Accessories” and “Select Polish Pottery”, focusing on quality and beauty.


Each piece of our “Select Polish Pottery” stoneware has been individually “selected” for its artistry and functionality. “Select Polish Pottery” only offers authentic and 1st Quality handmade Polish Stoneware imported from Boleslawiec, Poland. Skilled artisans individually handcraft and hand-paint today as they did over 400 years ago using a unique stamp technique and free hand style. Our stoneware is lead and cadmium free. It is safe in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. “Select Polish Pottery’s” qualities make it perfectly functional for everyday use while displaying exquisite style and beauty.

Our inventory consists of traditional and signature or unikat pieces. We offer “Select Polish Pottery” pieces from Ceramika Artystyczna (CA), Zaklady Ceramiczne (ZL), Manufaktura (MF), Ceramika Millena (CM), Cer-Raf (CR), Cer-Maz (C), Cergor (CG), Kalich (K), Vena (V) and Wiza (W) artists. The various factories offer levels of traditional and signature pieces dependent on the painting exhibited on the form by the artists. Each of our individual pieces is identified as to their specific category. Ceramika Artystyczna`further breaks down their signature pieces to offer signature U3 and U4; these pieces are designed and signed/stamped by a master artist. The signature U4 level pieces are the most detailed level of artistry, produced by the highest level of master artists; consequently these pieces require more time and are more costly.

Women’s Accessories

We offer high fashion jewelry and accessories from the classics to the latest trends. Enjoy finding your perfect “jewels” from the “Designer Collection”, our very popular “Travel Jewelry Collection” and the “Trend Collection”. Each accessory is individually selected for its beauty, statement, feel and affordability.

*The “Designer Collection” is detailed per selected pieces offered. We choose designers based on quality, style, beauty and affordability.

*You will find our ever popular “Travel Jewelry Collection to be of the highest quality and very difficult for the naked, untrained eye, to distinguish from “real” pieces. All stones are hand cut and hand placed without glue. Our manufacturer has extremely high standards of quality. You will see it in this lines casting, plating finish, stones and stone settings. The first time you see this line is will be obvious that the quality is top of the line. The pieces are innovative in design and style, as well. Our distributor states the following:
“In fashion jewelry, it is said that there are two kinds of products: Jewelry for Buying and Selling and Jewelry for Wearing. Much of what you will find on the market is the former, inexpensive, poorly finished, poorly plated and not made to last. The shame of it is, often you can’t tell at a glance which is which. The only way to be protected is to buy from a reputable source. A company that has been in business for 28 years. A company owned and operated right here in the United States. A company with an impeccable reputation for quality and style! A company with its own designers, assuring you that your selections will not be mass marketed. Our jewelry is and has always been made to be worn and enjoyed!’

*The “Trend Collection” is chosen based on trends and cost. It’s where you find a current look at the lowest possible price!

We welcome and invite you to browse through our online shop and site. Since this website is new, we will be adding items daily. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone with any requests or inquiries. Leave a message or request us to call you at our expense until we activate an 800 number!

Enjoy browsing and shopping for some of the most beautiful patterns and shapes in Polish Stoneware and Elegant fashion forward Women’s Accessories.

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